Will Protein Damage My Kidneys?

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Short answer – NO! Some doctors state that patients with kidney disease should not consume “excess” protein. But there’s a big difference between a patient and an otherwise healthy individual with normal functioning kidneys! There are others who’ll say that … Read More

A Case For Increasing Training Frequency

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Training frequency is defined as the number of sessions a given body part is trained per week. Traditional bodybuilding workouts have you training each muscle group just once a week. For example. Mon: Chest, Shoulder and Triceps Wed: Back and … Read More

How Deficient is Vegan Food?

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Antioxidants: Our Natural Defenders - Alpharaj

For a more thorough, detailed and referenced version of this post, check out the July 2015 Edition of Alan Aragon’s Research Review (AARR). The article is titled – “Duggal A. Nutrition and supplementation considerations for the vegan athlete [response to: … Read More