The Alkaline Diet Debunked

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The Acid-Ash Hypothesis states that a diet which includes the consumption of protein and grain foods creates an “acidic environment” (net acid load) in the body. It also suggests that to buffer this acid, our body releases calcium from bones … Read More

Does Fruit Make You Fat?

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There is a unique category of experts in the fitness industry who I like to call ‘wannabe myth-busters’. These are the types who claim to be unbiased and scientific, when all they really do is add more nonsense to the … Read More

The Macro Ratio Myth

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Using percentages or ratios to calculate protein, carbohydrate and fat requirements is a popular method of dividing calories. We even have diet books based on this concept. For example, the zone diet recommends consuming 40% of calories from carbohydrate, 30% … Read More